Life Insurance Annuities

What are Life Insurance Annuities?

Life Annuities are a series of payment at fixed intervals, paid while the purchaser is alive. It is an insurance product typically sold or issued by a Life Insurance Company. Life Annuities may be sold in exchange for the immediate payment of a lump sum or a series of regular payments, prior to the onset of the annuity.

Life Insurance Annuity Types:

  • Defined Benefit Pension Plans
  • Individual Annuity
  • Deferred Annuity
  • Immediate Annuity
  • Fixed and Variable Annuity
  • Guaranteed Annuity
  • Joint Annuity
  • Impaired Life Annuity

Who Needs Life Insurance Annuities?

If you have maxed out your 401K or IRA Contributions and want to make sure you don’t outlive your savings.

Life Insurance Annuity Terminology
Income Annuities are annuitized immediately, although the underlying income units may be in either fixed or variable investments. As such, the income payments may fluctuate over time. An income annuity is typically purchased with a lump sum payment, often by people who are near or at retirement.

What is Life Annuity with Period Certain Annuity?

Annuity that guarantees regular payment of a certain sum for the life of the insured. In case of death before the completion of a specified period, the payments are made to a designated beneficiary until the end of that period.

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